Welcome to FMO

Welcome to FMO

The Facilities Management Office (FMO) is responsible for all maintenance, repair, construction, renovations or alterations to University facilities and grounds.

We ensure that all our facilities and utilities are in conformance with all Federal, State, Municipal codes and regulations. Because of safety hazards that may result from incorrectly performed work and the need to maintain the integrity of utilities systems, alterations or connections to any University utility systems (both distribution systems and internal building systems) may be made only by Facilities Management direction.

As a general rule, maintenance and operation tasks are carried out by Facilities Management personnel. However, because of the scope, cost or specialized nature of some work, it may be more advantageous to perform certain work by contract. FMO, with customer input, will determine the best way to complete each project.

The guidelines contained herein are intended to inform the Villanova Community, our customers, of the functions and services we provide and how to acquire them.

— Robert H. Morro Jr.

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