Service Request System

Welcome to the Facilities Management Service Request. The system is designed to provide you with a user friendly mechanism to submit service requests to Facilities Management, Facilities Services, Environmental Health and Safety and Custodial Services, to check the status of these requests as they are being worked on, and review labor and materials charges associated with these jobs after they have been completed.

We are hopeful that you find this system to be helpful as we are continually striving to enhance the quality of service that we provide to you. Please review the various report and query options available to you. If you need of help using the system, please review the instructions.

Having Trouble Accessing The System?

The Facilities Management Service Request has been placed behind the University firewall. This will have no effect on users to the system who connect from PCs which are located on campus. If you require access to the system from an off-campus location please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We have also been notified that some of our users with older browsers have had difficulty with the system. We are working on a resolution to this problem. We greatly appreciate your feedback. Please submit your suggestions and comments to the webmaster. If you experience problems with the system please let us know.

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