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Room Reservations

Reservations may be made daily in the Connelly Center Scheduling Office which is located directly behind the information desk or by calling 610-519-7270. Space in buildings other than the Connelly Center is handled by various offices on campus.

Contact Information

The Scheduling Office of the Connelly Center handles room reservations for:

  • Connelly Center,
  • Garey Hall Rooms 10A and 31
  • West and East Lounges of Dougherty Hall
  • Picotte Hall at Dundale

Events and programs held at other locations on campus can be arranged by contacting the list below:

  • Driscoll Hall - 610-519-4905
  • Athletic Facilities - 610-519-6469
  • St. Mary's Registrar's Office - 610-519-4035
  • The Exchange/ Dining Room Bartley Hall - 610-519-7761
  • CEER Building Engineering Dean - 610-519-6859
  • Classroom Space (any building) Registrar's Office - 610-519-4035

Space within the Connelly Center may be reserved by registered clubs and organizations, University-related groups and alumni as well as some off-campus groups for meetings, conferences, workshops, lectures, films, dances, banquets, and other special events. University-related groups include registered student clubs and organizations, administration, university departments, faculty and staff organizations, alumni groups, and Connelly Center programs.

Some non-profit civic groups, campus employees and students, and commercial profit groups may schedule space in the Connelly Center. Rooms in the Connelly Center may be used for co-curricular events related to the religious, educational, cultural, social or recreational mission of the university.

The following is a list of approved groups which may be potential users of the Connelly Center:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
  • Administrative Departments
  • University Departments
  • Chartered Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Faculty/staff organizations
  • Alumni Groups
  • Individual faculty
  • Individual staff
  • Institutes sponsored groups
    (fees may be charged for use of space)
  • Sponsored Civic Groups
  • Non-Profit
  • Commercial Groups 
    (fees may be charged for use of space)

All events in the President’s Lounge of the Connelly Center require an attendant. 

Rental charges may be incurred for any events occurring outside of the Connelly Center.