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Previous Exhibits

Artist(s) Name Exhibit Name Exhibit Date


Various Artists Modern Masters: Works on Paper from the Collection September 15 - December 15, 2021


Various Villanova Faculty Artists Igniting Change through Creativity February 1-April 12
Salomon Khammi Line, Form and Color: Evolving Through the Years May 2- September 29


Anthony Busa Rural Mongolia and Tibet: An Art Show by Anthony Busa August 20-December 17
Various Artists Expressions and Impressions: Artists Living with Disabilities February 2-March 26
Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS Love Which Moves The Sun And The Stars,
and A Collection of Papal Artifacts
April 11-August 10


Richard G. Cannuli, OSA Sacred and Profane: The Art of Richard G. Cannuli, OSA October 2-December 18
Various Artists A Slice of Art: Donors' Exhibit from the Villanova University Art Collection March 10-September 25


Various Artists 

Mary Queen of Peace: Liturgical Objects from the Middle East

December 5- December 21
Monique Sarkessian Garden of Miracles: Finding the Divine in Everyday Life October 17-November 28
George Nista Pursuing Beauty August 8 - October 6
George H. Rothacker III The Diverse Artistic Universe of
George H. Rothacker III
May 23 - July 28
Various Artists
Russian America, The Alaskan Native Spiritual Legacy August 22 - May 14


Thomas Merton Zen Photography August 20 - September 24
Ward Van Haute Prism of Life April 30 - July 20
Irma Shapiro
A Passion for Color
January 9 - February 19
Virginia Bradley Jeopardy March 2 - April 16
Alma Neas 6 Decades October 1 - November 12
Prospero Grech A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever November 16 - December 11


Villanova Studio Art '14 Villanova Studio Art Exhibit December 8 - 12
Tamara Nalivakio & Vladimir Pearce-Adashkevich Tamara Nalivakio & Vladimir Pearce-Adashkevich October 16 - December 4
Ciao Philadelphia & Villanova University Photos of Pavia October 1 - October 31
Gerry Tuten Waterworks September 5 - October 2
Metropolitan Kallistos Let Us Embrace Each Other June 28 - June 29
Niko Chocheli No Day Without a Line April 22 - June9
Alan Soffer I Never Owned A Lawnmower March 3 - April 7
Joyce Harris Mayer Rondels January 10 - Febuary 21


Frank Stephens "Honoring My Heritage",
A Retrospective
October 17-December 5
Lester Glass Places & Faces August 22-October 3
Susan Stefanski Nature's Gifts April 26-June 8
Lampo Leong Calligraphic Inspiration:
The Art of Lampo Leong
February 22-April 18
Scott Wright Altered States January 9-February 14


Ecumenical Year of Faith Exhibit Icon: The Way to the Kingdom October 26-December 16
Jean-Noel Vandaele Hello Yello! August 23-October 4
Carol Cole Objects and Elements,
Sculpture by Carol Cole
April 20-June 9
Ray Sternbergh A Retrospective February 24-April 11


Paul Wilson These Eyes: 50 Years February 25-April 7
Carol Barth Visions from the Source April 15-June ll
Florence Putterman Entwined Metaphors August 22-October 5
Johnson, Marx, Pepe, Saler Visions Four October 21-December 5


Quattro Amici Plus Twenty-Four Eyes May 28-June29
Timothy Sanchez Untitled April 16-May 20
Desmond McLean Easelfumes February 26-April 8
Lenten Reflection Exhibit
Lenten Reflections February 17-April 6


Steve McCurry

   Looking East

October 23 - December 13


Advent Reflections Exhibit Advent Reflections November 29-January 5