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CASA Tutoring Services

All campus tutoring services will begin on Monday, August 24, 2020. 

CASA Tutoring

  • CASA tutoring is 1:1 and online this semester. 
  • Subjects covered include math, writing, sciences, engineering, VSB, nursing, language courses and more!
  • Schedule tutoring sessions on WCOnline at least 24 hours in advance of session
  • If you have a tutoring need that is not covered by any of the campus tutoring services, please contact Ms. Lauren Ward.

How to access an online session

  • Your tutor will leave a note for you in the “What would you like to work on?” section of your appointment sign-up form. Please do check this field in your appointment by clicking on the box representing your appointment in the schedule

Several online options available

  • You will have the options for full audio, visual, live chat, and shared digital whiteboard space in which to complete the work of the session.
  • The tutors are ready to show you how to make use of all these exciting features so we can emulate an in-person experience to the best of our ability.

CASA Students

CASA provides free supplementary tutoring services to students in the following CASA programs: AAP, ACTIVE, ENACT, WISE, SMD and UPS. Students in CASA programs can work with CASA peer tutors to build skills to help them improve their academic performance.

CASA tutoring is available in cases in which:

  1. Individual tutoring for a requested courses is not provided by any other on-campus tutoring service (see list below).
  2. Availability of on-campus tutoring services does not match the CASA student's availability due to class or work schedule time conflicts.