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Life Coaches

The role of the CASA Life Coaches is:

  • To empower students through personal development;
  • To help students adjust emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to the academic and social environment of college;
  • To assist students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and how to maximize strengths while strengthening weaknesses; and
  • To develop and enhance positive life coping strategies while decreasing and eliminating negative life coping strategies.

Contact your CASA Retention Coach to schedule a session with Dr. James or Mr. McMillian.

Dr. George James, CASA Life Coach

George James

Dr. George James, LMFT speaks, counsels, consults, coaches and teaches people how to overcome everyday relational struggles to build successful connections in love, family and career. With a practical approach to relationships and life, Dr. James helps bring success within the reach of those he influences!

Dr. James has been a reoccurring expert guest on many radio, TV and online programs. He is also a reoccurring relationship contributor to Ebony magazine. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in helping couples improve the quality of their relationship, reconcile conflicts and overcome intense situations such as affairs, lack of communication, parenting struggles and much more. He also works extensively with professional athletes, adult men and young adult men on various issues including defining manhood, career and work-life balance. His expertise also includes treating actors, entertainers, college students, faith based concerns, anxiety and depression. In addition, he speaks and consults with universities, for profit & non-profit organizations and family owned businesses. Dr. James is devoted to helping people improve their quality of life, to be involved in the healing of their wounds and enrichment of their relationships.

Dr. James is a Staff Therapist & an AAMFT Approved supervisor at Council For Relationships. In addition, Dr. James is the Program Director for the Couple & Family Therapy Program at Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. James is president and CEO of George Talks, LLC, a communication and consulting company. Dr. James is a nationally recognized speaker, seminar presenter and lecturer on various topics. Dr. James has taught, presented, spoken and consulted with multiple businesses, organizations, universities and places of faith.

Dr. James is a recognized media personality, speaker, workshop leader & lecturer on various topics. He has had over 400 speaking and media appearances in the past seven years. His breadth of expertise includes a special emphasis on topics geared towards couples, men, professional athletes, actors/entertainers, musicians, college students, family owned businesses and people of color. Dr. James is devoted to working with people to help them improve their quality of life, to be involved in the healing of their wounds and enrichment of their relationships.

Dr. James attended Villanova University as a Presidential Scholar, and majored in Psychology and concentrated in Africana Studies. He received his Masters of Family Therapy degree from Drexel University and his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Immaculata University.

He is married to Candace and they are parents to their beautiful daughter, Nalani and cheerful son, Alexander.


Mr. Ryan McMillian, CASA Life Coach

Ryan McMillian

Ryan McMillian, a therapist featured in the Huffington Post and CBS Philadelphia, has worked in the mental health field for 9 years. He has served in universities as both a guest lecturer on matters related to behavioral counseling and as a student counselor at Princeton Theological seminary. Ryan holds interactive workshops across the country on communication skills, setting boundaries, and relationship enhancement. In addition, he has a background in grief counseling with 7 years of hospice work. He holds a Master of Divinity and a post graduate certificate in Marriage & Family Therapy. 


Ms. Kevana Nixon, CASA Life Coach

Kevana Nixon

Kevana Nixon is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who services the greater Philadelphia and Delaware area. Kevana currently serves as a full-time Clinical Coordinator at a non-profit agency in Delaware by supporting individual, couples, and families. Kevana also served as a staff therapist for Philly Youth Poetry movement where she facilitated group discussions around mental health, relationships, and healthy lifestyles. In addition, Kevana supports other parts of her community by serving as a co-founder of a non-profit called “Black Men Heal” to support men of color receiving services for their mental health. Kevana’s love and purpose is to transform the lives of people by providing healing in a safe and supportive environment.