Lending Library

The Center for Access, Success and Achievement maintains a small library of books and textbooks accessible for CASA students to checkout for the semester. The lending library has proven to be a valuable resource to help defray the costs of instructional materials that students may need for class. This is particulaly important in the era of rising textboodk costs. In return, we ask students to donate purchased textbooks back to the library for future students to use.

The CASA lending library began over 10 years ago with one small bookshelf of books. Today, the room is overflowing! The library has also become a place where students can truly feel at home in CASA. Students use the lending library to do homework, catch up with friends, and receive help on assignments from available Graduate Assistants.

As we catalog our books in the online VOYAGER system with the library's help, we will have two lists of books - those in Voyager and those not yet in the system but available for lending. Check both lists for your book!

Voyager Lending Library Catalog

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