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WISE Male Mentoring

WISE (Working to be Informed, Studious, and Engaged)

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WISE exists to provide resources, empowerment, and social skill development for males students here at Villanova. We seek to positively impact the lives of these young men through mentorship, workshops, and various other programs and events.


We want to see all of our male students achieve academic success and become continual learners and professionals after graduating from Villanova.


We believe in the following principles:


Discipline - Remaining focused, limiting distractions, and accomplishing set goals

Responsibility- Being responsible for your own success

Excellence- Giving your best in all you do

Ambition - Set the bar higher than the norm and never settle for less

Motivation- Having passion for what you want to achieve

Program Coordinator

Marquis Coates

Male Mentors - TBD