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Academic Advancement Program (AAP)

Students sitting and standing around a table, smiling for the camera.

The Academic Advancement Program (AAP) is an outstanding admission and resource program designed especially for highly motivated students who have strong academic credentials and could benefit from additional academic and financial support. The goal of the AAP program is provide an educational opportunity to such students and to facilitate their academic and personal adjustment to college.

The AAP program helps promising students achieve academic success and supports them as they strive to reach their goals. Selection for participation is made through the Admissions Office and is based on students’ high school transcript, SAT/ACT scores, their college essay and family income levels.  Students residing in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, DC are eligible for the AAP program.

Prior to their first semester at Villanova, AAP students must participate in the AAP Pre-College Summer Program.  During the Pre-College Program, AAP students will preview campus life and academic life at Villanova by taking courses, building connections with other incoming students, and participating in fun activities. Full matriculation into Villanova University is conditional upon satisfactory performance in the Pre-College Summer Program.  

AAP Testimonials

"AAP has been my home away from home. They have helped me mentally, academically and in many other ways to ensure that I stay on track to graduate from college."  - Princess Garrett, Class of 2018

"I started off AAP thinking it was just a summer school to make sure that I was smart enough to get in. I only realized afterwards that it was actually an initiation into a family that's brought me through each year with the love, encouragement, and guidance I needed to achieve my goals." - Christopher Austin, Class of 2018

"The AAP Program helped me experience a smooth transition from high school to college and allowed me to get a feel for Villanova's campus prior to the start of my freshman year. Most importantly, I met some of my best friends at Villanova through AAP."  - Maggie Carroll, Class of 2019


"The Academic Advancement Program was an excellent way to begin my Undergraduate experience at Villanova. The program definitely helped me to succeed when I started college because it provided me with support from professors, professionals from various support services on campus, and my peers."  - Daisha Crooks, Class of 2020