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The VIEW program is an opportunity that every girl should have. The preparation they give for college and sisterhood you build is incomparable. This is a space where you are allowed to grow, learn, be open about yourself, and have fun. I am forever grateful for being chosen to participate and I will never forget all of the wonderful experiences I had.

- Janaeha Brockenbrough 

In every class, our minds were enlightened with new material to advance our progress in the next  year....This year was the most triumphant year in the VIEW program because not only we were able to talk about things that may have never crossed our minds, learn how to solve logarithmic equations, and walk around campus in 90° heat without passing out from exhaustion,  we were able to strengthen our friendships.
- Esther Flavien
VIEW has prepared me for those all nighters that I have dealt with this whole past year. Having the summer program helped me understand what it would be like to have a heavy workload and not a lot of time to get it done. I had to learn how to manage my time wisely. Also having the program being hosted at Villanova University gave me the advantage over everyone else because I knew the campus and had already began to develop relationships with some of the faculty. I had a support system of people already established before I even started my freshman year. VIEW taught me how to network and because of them I have a safety net of people that have my back before I even begin to fall through the cracks. For the girls about to start their freshman year of college I would say to not expect everything to go your way and be open to change because it may work in your favor.
-Princess Garrett
Let's see, it has definitely given me an idea of how college would be. Especially when view was still a 2 week overnight program. The stay helped me get use to community bathrooms and showers, while also helping me be more open to meeting new people. It has also encouraged me to be a mentor to other young girls who may not have many strong women to look up too. With the leadership skills I've gained in view, I've also been able to be very active in my universities multicultural division, where I am now a student leader for their pre-orientation program.
- Ciera Osborne 
VIEW has prepared me for college by giving me that “college experience” beforehand. It also helped with working in groups better, since it is something that I do a lot now. .A piece of advice to the upcoming girls who are about to go to college would be to definitely have fun but also know how to prioritize work, do not wait until the last minute to do things. Another would be to study early for an exam. Do not cram!
- Pauline Li
With the help of VIEW, I was easily about to transition into the college atmosphere. Not only did my comprehensions skills improve, but VIEW serves as a catalyst in the betterment of my social skills. I'm so grateful for the program. If I could offer any advice to the incoming freshmen, I would tell them to take advantage of all of the skills you'll be learning
Through the program. Everything offered is for you amelioration.
- Eunice Kelome


"I was impressed with the first year students and their connectedness and support of each other."
Janice Merendino
The Branch Out Project

"This was one of the best years I've experienced in the program"

Ms. Lisa Kelly
(Teacher of 10+ years with the program)