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Scholarships, Grants & Awards

Villanova University's Programs

Villanova University has a comprehensive scholarship program. Each year our program awards scholarships to a number of deserving students. Recipients of three University-sponsored scholarship programs are monitored by the Center for Access, Success and Achievement: 

  • Presidential Scholarships
  • Women of Color Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarships for Underrepresented Students

The Center for Access, Success and Achievement chairs the selection committee for the Presidential Scholarships for Underrepresented Students. The scholarships are offered to a select group of entering students, traditionally talented students are provided with tuition, room and board and books. For more information regarding the Presidential Scholarship, please visit the website for the Center for Research and Fellowships.

Women of Color Scholarship

Villanova University's Women of Color Scholarship provides needed scholarship funds to underrepresented female students who exemplify the ideals and the true spirit of Villanova Universty through their strong academic performance, involvement, and service. Since it's establishment in 2002, more than 23 scholarships have been awarded to some phenomenal and deserving young women. In order to continue this important work, the scholarship committee solicits your support at our annual Women of Color Scholarship Luncheon.


St. Thomas of Villanova Scholars
Scholarship Grants and Awards

Outside Programs

To view more non-Villanova sponsored scholarships/grants/awards, please click here.

Scholarship Forms

Check back May 1st for St. Thomas of Villanova Scholars Program Application (Word or PDF) and other application forms.