Wildcat Crossing Recognition Ceremony


The 2020 Wildcat Crossing Recognition Ceremony has been cancelled. We are working on an alternative. 


Please register if you would like to have your Wildcat Crossing stole mailed to you. Stoles are available for the first 100 registrants. We also invite you to send a short video greeting (15 seconds or less) to your fellow Wildcat Crossing graduates. 


Wildcat Crossing honors graduating seniors who embody diversity in all of its forms. It is designed for a group of people whose identity or story may be underrepresented in the narrative of our community.

Wildcat Crossing Class of 2019

Wildcat Crossing Class of 2019

Wildcat Crossing Class of 2018

Wildcat Crossing Class of 2018

Wildcat Crossing Class of 2017

Wildcat Crossing Class of 2017

Madona's "Crossing Over" Story

"As soon as I stepped onto Villanova's campus, it was very easy to see that my journey up until college and the college experience I would have here was going to be very different from most of my peers. I had to work harder and longer to achieve the same things. What could have been a very isolating four years were made exponentially better through STOVS and CASA. Despite financial obstacles and the loss of a parent, with the support of this office I obtained my degree and I will forever be thankful."

- Madona Farag, CLAS '18

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