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Cliffs of Moher


  • A maximum of 60 credit hours are transferable towards a Villanova degree including AP, study abroad, and all other transfer credits.
  • Students may not enroll in distance learning courses while abroad.
  • Students must confirm their overseas schedule with their OEA advisor and Clay Center advisor (VSB) upon enrollment overseas.
  • Once in country, students may seek additional course approvals in consultation with OEA and their academic advisors.
  • Students must obtain the equivalent of a ā€˜Cā€™ or better in their overseas courses in order for the credit to transfer back to Villanova. Transfer credit will not affect GPA.


  • Four of the six required courses for each major and two of the three required courses for each minor must be taken at Villanova.
  • No more than three business courses may be taken while abroad in one semester. An ECO3108 Global Political Economy equivalent is considered an Arts & Sciences core requirement, and does not count toward the three business courses.
  • All VSBXXXX courses must be taken at Villanova.
  • Accounting courses may not be taken abroad for ACC credit.
  • Only one course may transfer to satisfy requirements for Business Analytics and Real Estate co-majors.
  • Only one course may transfer to satisfy requirements for any Business concentration.
  • If a student completed two years of a foreign language in high school, credit for introductory courses in that language while studying abroad will not satisfy degree requirements, including electives.
  • The following core requirements cannot be taken abroad: ACS1000/1001, ETH2050, PHI1000, ENG1050 & THL1000.


Please use the guide below to help get started on your path to studying abroad!


  • No ACC courses can be taken abroad
  • To maximize their credits, ACC majors should look to save some of the following for their study abroad semester
  • ACC students who are completing the 150 credit-hour CPA certification have slightly more flexibility for study abroad
    • They should consider programs where they are able to complete 18 credits while abroad


CIEE Open Campus Programs - Please note all courses must be taken in the same location

University College Dublin - Can allow students to take 6 courses under certain circumstances

IFSA - Certain IFSA programs will allow students to take 5 in-person classes as well as one online course


  • Business Analytics must be paired with another major
  • Many of the BUSA required courses are difficult to locate abroad as this is still an emerging field in many locations
    • ECO 3137 is possible in some locations with approval from ECO
    • MKT 2240 and MIS 2030 is also available in some locations
  • Important to note that only one BUSA course can double count towards another major or minor


IES Milan - Oftentimes you may be able to find applicable courses at Bocconi University through IES Milan

IES Cape Town - University of Cape Town occasionally will have applicable courses


  • Economics courses are fairly abundant abroad
  • ECO 3108 is a good course to save for abroad for ECO majors looking to maximize their credits abroad
    • ECO will allow 2 courses toward the major and because ECO 3108 is an arts core course, you can potentially take 3 economics courses while abroad - 2 towards your ECO major and 1 fulfilling an arts core requirement


DIS Copenhagen - Offers a wide array of ECO courses as well as embedded excursions related to ECO themes

City University London - Many different ECO courses on offer located in the heart of London

IES Santiago/Buenos Aires - Compares Chilean and Argentine economies. Students spend half the semester in Santiago, half in Buenos Aires



  • Strong FIN programs are available all across the world
  • The Quantitative Finance specialization can be tougher to find, but IES Milan has been a relatively good fit
    • Students are able to take care of several different requirements for Quant there
  • While VU requires that you take the FIN required courses before taking any FIN EL, those requirements don't necessarily apply abroad


IES Milan - Very strong FIN offerings through Bocconi as well as the IES center in Milan

TEAN Singapore - Great variety of FIN courses in a more non-traditional location

University College London - Extremely strong FIN program offered through a worldwide top-10 university


  • Must be paired with another major
  • This program pulls from the other VSB disciplines, so finding IB courses abroad is usually relatively straight-forward
  • Students must take an international course in their major if it is offered
  • There is also an international HIS or SOCNATSCI requirement that students may complete abroad


BU London - Incorporates an internship into the semester and has IB courses available to take

Arcadia University of Sydney - Wide variety of courses through USYD, very strong across many different disciplines

USAC Bilbao - Has courses across disciplines as well as some required IB courses available   


  • Management is relatively abundant abroad across the world
  • Consulting Concentration is available and the courses offered should be available abroad


CIEE Budapest - Great offering of MGT and other business courses available through Corvinus University in Budapest. Students would take all but their language course in classes with Hungarian students


  • This is a growing subject abroad, but as of now can still be tough to find
  • Upon approval, certain CSC courses can count towards the MIS degree, so it is also worth looking into schools with CSC programs
    • Often, full universities are the best fit for CSC


Villanova Galway - The National University of Ireland in Galway typically has a few MIS courses on offer. Specific courses can vary by semester

TEAN University of New South Wales - UNSW has a large business school with courses offered across many disciplines, including MIS

DIS Copenhagen - Growing number of MIS offerings, to confirm what is on offer please check their website


  • MKT is widely available abroad
  • MKT Majors must complete the capstone MKT 2375 on campus
  • There are 2 MKT concentrations available
    • Digital Marketing is more likely to be found abroad


CIEE Seville - There are two different tracks of this program, one more Spanish intensive than the other. Both offer a wide variety of MKT courses at partner universities

Boston University Sydney - Incorporates an internship into the semester and has some interesting MKT offerings

Goldsmiths University of London - Strong MKT offerings in London



  • There is one required course for the RES major that is available abroad


City University London - RES 3150 has been on offer in previous semesters

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