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College of Nursing

Why study nursing abroad?

  • Explore the health professions from a different perspective
  • Gain cross-cultural skills by learning and living in a new environment
  • Understand the successes and challenges of health systems all over the world.   
  • Develop personal relationships and improve communication skills
  • Complete graduation requirements while gaining international experience

The College of Nursing has established a year-long study abroad program with the University of Manchester in England. If you wish to study abroad, and have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.0, you may take your sophomore year in England.

Manchester's Nursing program is ranked #1 in Great Britain by The Times in London. Students in this program spend their Sophomore year in the Nursing Department of the University of Manchester. The courses transfer to Villanova as the Sophomore year of the nursing curriculum and no time is lost in the four year course of studies.

The program requires some changes in the first year Nursing course of study. Students should enroll in PSY1000 during their first fall at Villanova (instead of  SOC1000 which is offered at the University of Manchester.) In addition, students should plan to take Nutrition 2120 and PSY 3200 Human Development, prior to studying abroad for the year. 

Any first year student who is interested should contact the Director of the Undergraduate Program or his or her academic advisor as early as possible. In addition, interested students should contact the the Office of Education Abroad to attend a First Step Information Session and meet with an OEA adviser as soon as possible.