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Health Insurance

All Villanova University students are required to maintain health insurance coverage that meets the standards set forth by the University Health Center. As a study abroad student, you must also make certain that these policies cover will you while abroad.  Often, existing medical insurance coverage will be adequate, but you should check with your current insurance provider. 

The OEA also encourages you to consider obtaining an additional policy specifically designed for study abroad students. At a minimum, the OEA recommends a policy that includes 24- hour emergency assistance worldwide, basic medical services, emergency evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment, and repatriation coverage. Some program providers automatically enroll students in supplemental overseas medical insurance plans, and some countries (i.e. Australia) require that students purchase a specific health insurance policy.  You should contact your  program provider or host university prior to purchasing an additional plan. The general rule of thumb for overseas medical insurance is that it is better to be overprotected, than not covered enough!

International Medical Insurance Providers

The following is not an exhaustive list of insurance carriers but rather a representative list. Inclusion in the list below does not imply endorsement by Villanova University or the Office of Education Abroad of any particular insurance carrier. Remember to call your current medical insurance provider as well to determine the extent of your existing coverage.

Questions to consider when selecting supplemental overseas health insurance:

  • Will the plan cover hospitalization for accidents and illnesses for the entire period you are abroad?
  • Will the plan cover doctor's visits and prescription medication abroad?
  • Is there a deductible? If yes, how much?
  • Is there a dollar limit to the amount of coverage provided?
  • What are the procedures for filing a claim for medical expenses abroad? Do you need to pay for expenses up front and then submit receipts to the insurance company for reimbursement?
  • What if you do not have enough money to pay cash up front?
  • When does the plan begin and end?
  • What do you use as proof of international medical coverage if documentation is required?

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