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2016 News

  • Building on Success: A Bright Future for Paralegals

    Building on Success: A Bright Future for Paralegals

    Villanova University College of Professional Studies has been producing high-performing paralegal certificate program graduates for over 30 years, and the future is only getting brighter...

  • Character Day 2016

    What does it mean to have character? And is it something we can change within ourselves? What are some of the character traits of highly successful individuals? You’re invited to join a global conversation about the importance of developing character strengths such as resilience, grit, empathy, courage and kindness - all based in science and evidence-based research.

  • An Ever-Evolving, Lifelong Educational Experience

    An Ever-Evolving, Lifelong Educational Experience

    Villanova can’t help itself. It promises students that learning will be a lifelong project, and it makes good on its word whenever alumni return to campus.

  • The Fuel to Reach His Goals

    The Fuel to Reach His Goals

    Mike Bambrick ’16 CPS appreciates a talented rival. Growing up in “Orange” country, the Syracuse, N.Y., native and basketball fan admired what the Wildcats stood for on and off the court.

  • Dean’s Reflection on Disney

    Can a world-class university become magical? As I celebrate my first anniversary at Villanova I can attest that this university has its own type of magic.

  • 2016 CPS Awards and Convocation

    Recap of 2016 CPS Awards and Convocation Ceremony

  • A Message to Our Graduates from Dean Deborah Tyksinski

    We’ve reached the end of the academic year and the completion of your degree program. I remember approaching the end of a degree program feeling as if a heavy weight had fallen off my shoulders. Relief – pride – accomplishment – sadness. Yes sadness because I would miss the stimulation of learning, the company of my classmates and the sense of being very aware of my place in the world. Perhaps I chose to live and work in academia to keep that sense alive. How about you – how will you keep the stimulation of learning alive in your life?

  • Leadership & National Championship

    Our Cats are national champions and I would love to talk with you about it…once my voice returns from screaming the team on to victory. The Pavilion literally rocked the night of the game, and I rocked right along with the crowd. Somehow I feel even more a Villanovan after sharing that amazing experience with the Villanova community.

  • New Institute for Women's Leadership

    Villanova, Pa. – Villanova University has announced the creation of a new Institute for Women’s Leadership with a $5 million gift from Anne Welsh McNulty ’75 (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), co-founder and managing partner of JBK Partners and former member of the Villanova Board of Trustees.

  • Dean Tyksinski's Reflection on Leadership

    As we prepare to celebrate Presidents’ Day, let’s ponder to what degree do you believe presidents Washington and Lincoln are still relevant to us? We know they were considered great leaders who led the formation of our nation during times of unrest, social change and war. Their actions defined the pivotal moments in the transformation of the country.