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  • Student Spotlight: Daniel Duffy ’22 Motivated to Reach His Goals

    When Daniel Duffy graduates from the College of Professional Studies this upcoming May, he’ll be doing so after an inspired bout of determination. The Newtown Square, PA native will be finishing his bachelor’s degree in the Organizational Development and Management (ODM) program just three years after beginning his coursework.

  • Student Spotlight: Ronell Smith '21 is Creating Change Through Education

    Ronell Smith is on the precipice of earning her degree, a journey that has been years in the making. Her foray into higher education started 27 years ago in community college and will conclude at the end of this fall’s semester, exactly where she always planned on completing her bachelor's degree.

  • Student Spotlight: Michael DiMaio '23 is a Veteran Dedicated to Serving Others

    For some adult college students, going back to school is driven by career interests. For others, it becomes a life changing experience. Michael DiMaio epitomizes the second group. DiMaio is a veteran who overcame a variety of obstacles before finding his way to the College of Professional Studies at Villanova University. Now he is on track to graduate in May of 2023, poised to take new steps in his career, continue to operate a non-profit organization he founded, and capitalize on a new outlook on life.

  • Student Spotlight: Robert Brickhouse '22 Shows That Persistence is Instrumental

    When Robert Brickhouse first came to Villanova as a teenager in 1992, he never would have guessed that he’d still be working toward his degree 20 years later. When the realities of life got in the way, Robert had to step back from his education, but has remained determined to earn his degree and is on track to do so next May.

  • IN THE NEWS | 6 Skills You Need to Boost Your HR Career

    These days, human resources professionals wear many different hats. HR professionals are a business’ GPS, guiding them down the right path to success and ensuring they follow directions to the letter. To educate well rounded and strategic HR professionals, Villanova University's College of Professional Studies created a new undergraduate major designed for adult students in Human Resource Management within CPS’ Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies.