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CPS Announcement

First New College in 50 Years

Welcome to the College of Professional Studies (CPS), created in 2014 to bring Villanova University to adult learners. Most colleges are created primarily for traditional undergraduate students in order to prepare them for a productive adulthood.

We are different. Created with, and always keeping, adults in mind, CPS students are well into their adulthood — leading busy lives to support home, work and community. Our students bring as much to the classroom as they take away – everyone teaches and everyone learns at CPS. Villanova’s patron Saint Augustine envisioned learning as a shared compassion, “for this feeling of compassion is so strong that, when our listeners are touched by us as we speak and we are touched by them as they learn, each of us comes to dwell in the other…” And so it is in our classrooms, both on campus and online.

My education journey focused on adult learners, first as a learner myself and later as a scholar and teacher. Today I have the honor of leading the talented CPS team committed to continually adapting to the changing needs of adult learners. Oh yes, did I mention that I was an adult student for 30+ years? I completed my bachelors’ degree part time while working full time. And then I earned two masters degrees – you guessed it, working full time. Eventually I earned my doctorate while working full time. What emerged from all those years of balancing life and learning is a compassion and respect for my fellow adult learners. You have come to the right place to continue your learning journey!

You Want Options…and We Have Them!

Adult students are savvy consumers who prefer to have options when choosing a program. We respect that and are continually developing new learning program choices. CPS students may elect to complete a degree program either part time or full time on campus or online. Or they may choose to develop specific skills for career advancement or certification through our non-credit professional certificate programs. Adults seeking to change careers may want to consider post bachelors degree certificates, which are shorter and more focused than a master’s degree. If you want a more dynamic view, we invite you to follow CPS on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Villanova at an Attractive Price

We recognize that our adult learners do not have the time to enjoy many of the events and services enjoyed by our residential learners. Recognizing that time and resources are scarce, we selected and adapted to your needs those services that support adult learners (library, tutoring, advising, etc.). The result is an attractive tuition rate created especially for our adult and part time learners. You can expect to learn as much – remember you are a big part of your learning experience – but at an attractive price.

The Next Step

Now it’s up to you to decide if CPS is the right fit for your needs. Explore the program options I’ve mentioned above by clicking on the degree or certificate type you are interesting in pursuing:

If you’d like more information to be sent to you via email, complete this brief inquiry form and you’ll hear from us within 24 hours.

Sincerely yours,

Deb Tyksinski
Founding Dean, College of Professional Studies