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Volunteer Registration

Day of Service Registration Process

Please use the following instructions to complete your registration for the Day of Service.

  • Create a Service Group: Use the Group Creation Form to create a service group which will allow registered volunteers to serve together. Please allow 24 hours for the group to be created and available for volunteer registration.

    Note to Group Creator: By filling out this form, you are agreeing to be the point of contact-also known as the Group Leader- for your group.  After registration, you will be contacted by the Day of Service Site Leader Team regarding your role and responsibility to your group.  There will be a brief training session which you are required to attend.
  • Register as a Service Group Member: Once your service group has been created, you and your group members need to register using the Volunteer Registration Form. You will be assigned together to a service site.
  • Register as an Individual: Select "Individual Participant" under the "Group" field on the Volunteer Registration Form and you will be assigned to a service site along with other volunteers.

Questions can be directed to