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VU Task Force on the Sexual Abuse Crisis

We are a group of Villanova University faculty members and program directors committed to understanding the root causes of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church and to encouraging change at all levels in the Church in order to keep children safe from abuse.  In addition to trying to foster internal reform within the Catholic Church, we organize campus events that draw upon national and international experts on the sexual abuse crisis, as well as sponsor local events that contribute to our understanding of the crisis.    


Mark Doorley, Ethics Program Lowell Gustafson, Political Science Department
Elizabeth Dowdell, College of Nursing Sandra Hassink, M.D.
John Edwards, Campus Ministry Matthew Manion, Center for Church Management
Massimo Faggioli, (chair) Theology & Religious Studies Department Michael Moreland, Charles Widger School of Law
Allan Fitzgerald, O.S.A., Augustinian Institute Sally Scholz, Philosophy Department
Kathryn Getek Soltis, Center for Peace & Justice Education Peter Spitaler, Theology & Religious Studies Department
Mark Graham, Theology
& Religious Studies Department
Chelsey Turner, Center for Church Management

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the task force, or if you would like to have an event sponsored by the task force, please contact chair Massimo Faggioli, Ph.D.