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Conditions and Permission

There is no charge to use the DIS. Permission will be granted with the agreement that upon completion of your research, you will provide Dr. Havens with a data set. The requested data includes:

  • demographic information,
  • a brief summary of the study you are conducting,
  • results,
  • and a copy of the raw data.

Key demographic variables should be included when the DIS is used.

The data you collect will be added anonymously to our growing database to perform psychometric assessment. Eventually, the normed data will be available to other users.

Information related to the use of the DIS is also requested (modifications, translations, recommendations, etc.). This information is needed for ongoing psychometric assessment and future improvement and updating of the DIS.

Dr. Havens

Permission to use the DIS and to obtain a pdf copy of the survey form may be obtained by e-mail to Dr. Donna Havens ( prior to conducting your study.