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Pellegrinaggio Agostiniano in Italia

antique map of Italy

The Pellegrinaggio Agostiniano in Italia (Augustinian Pilgrimage in Italy) is a prayerful journey designed to help participants deepen their understanding of Villanova University's Catholic identity and Augustinian heritage.

The structure of this collaborative effort provides pilgrims with opportunities to experience the three primary values that constitute the overarching mission of any Augustinian institution:

Veritas - engaging in a restless search for truth and meaning

Unitas - striving to be one in mind and heart on the way to God

Caritas - building up the City of God through love of neighbor

The pilgrimage takes place in the context of an academic course and is required of those enrolled. The program is coordinated by Dr. Barbara Wall, Vice President for Mission & Ministry. Preparation meetings are required and participants are responsible for all expenses.

Inquiries regarding participation can be directed to Dr. Wall at any time.


Resources for Preparation

Themes for Reflection (Slide Presentation)


The Life of Augustine, by Possidius: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

The ConfessionsBook VIII; Book IX, Part 1; Book IX, Part 2

Rule of Augustine

Inspiration of the Rule of Augustine (excerpt)