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A COVID Memorial: Marking a Year of Loss

Angel statue with surgical mask in hand

A year of pandemic has come with more losses than we can express fully—loss of celebrations, hugs, jobs and almost 2.8 million deaths worldwide as of March 2021. The US alone has recorded more than 550,000 deaths. As we mourn together, we invite you to pray, remember loved ones and share your story.

Opening Vigil for Memorial Space

Friday, April 9 | 1 PM
In Person:
Austin Field (in front of the cemetery)
Campus Ministry's Instagram page

Join us as we open a temporary memorial space to help us name and hold our losses during the pandemic. You will have the opportunity to write the names of deceased loved ones on ribbons hung as part of a public display.

Closing Ceremony

Friday, April 23 | 1 PM
Feast of the Conversion of St. Augustine

Please join us as we read the names of those who have died (see below), take down the ribbons and bless them.

Everyone must comply with the Caritas Commitment, including masking and distancing during the event. 

Submitting Names for Online Memorial

Please use this form to submit the names of loved ones who died from COVID. This data will be part of an online memorial after the outdoor space closes. The form also gives you the option of requesting that we create a ribbon for you.

Falvey Library Documenting COVID-19

Falvey Library,with the Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest, has created the “Documenting COVID-19” collection effort. The project allows members of the Villanova community to contribute their story (in any medium) to create an archival collection of the experience of the pandemic. 

Augustine on Grief

yellow leaf lies on brick pavers

"It is unavoidable that we should be sad when those we love leave us in death. 

Although we know that they are not leaving us forever, that they have but gone a little ahead of us, that we who remain will follow them, our nature still recoils from their death. 

Even though our hope in the divine promises brings some sort of healing, because we are human we still mourn their loss."

Sermon 1721

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Jared May, Technical Coordinator

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Irene Rivera, Ampus Minister for Hispanic/Latino Ministry and Outreach

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