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Funding for Facilities Projects

Funding of Facilities Related Projects

1. Facilities Management Office (FMO) is responsible for the maintenance and repair of building envelopes and core and shell building wide systems.


  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors 
  • Basic electrical and mechanical (plumbing, HVACR) systems.

2. Departments are responsible for the purchase, maintenance, repair and operational expenses of specialty equipment required by the department and any utility connections that may be required to support this specialty equipment. FMO pays the utility bills.


  • Electron microscope, special cooling requirements and special uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Dishwasher, water treatment and temperature boosters
  • Athletic exercise equipment, athletic turf, scoreboards 
  • Fume hood repair or replacement

3. Major projects, generally >$25,000, and repair by replacement are usually considered capital renewal projects. These are planned several years in advance and approved by the Board of Trustees in October for execution the following fiscal year. These are specially funded by the University and managed by FMO.


  • A new roof
  • Replacement of an elevator
  • Replacement of HVACR system 
  • Bathroom replacement