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Grounds Division

Grounds Division

Grounds Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the grounds of the campus, including:

  • Trim lawns, shrubs and trees
  • Flood Irrigation
  • Remove trash from grounds

The above services are generally available at no charge to the requesting department.

Our supervisory team for Grounds Maintenance is: Jared Rudy, Superintendant of Grounds; Hugh Weldon, Horticultural Manager;  Al Motel, Waste & Recycling Manager

Our Goals

The goals of the Grounds division are to complement the strategic planning effort by creating a campus environment wherein Villanova University will:

  • Enhance relations with the surrounding community.
  • Provide regional and national recognition for Villanova's magnificent trees.
  • Provide a sense of direction and purpose in management of the campus landscape.
  • Generate a lasting impression upon prospective students, their parents, Alumni and all visitors to Villanova's Campus.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Recall and preserve the historic beauty of the Villanova University campus.
  • Provide for the continued beautification of the campus, enhancing the academic environment and establishing the campus as a source of pride within the community.
  • Educate the campus community about the diversity, environmental benefits and aesthetic qualities of plant materials.