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Project Bidding

All projects (for Construction or Design Services) are released for bidding by the Engineering and Construction staff on an invitation-only basis. All potential bidders are invited to compete based on the following:

  • Relevant experience
  • Current workload
  • Prior performance at Villanova and other select Clients / References

Each invitee will be contacted directly by the FMO Project Manager and provided with a set of bidding documents, which will include, as applicable:

  • Project Description / Drawings / Specifications
  • Project Milestone Schedule
  • Instruction to Bidders
  • Bid Form
  • Agreement for Construction or Design Services (whichever is applicable)

Please be advised, Villanova does not accept any unsolicited bids and will only consider those from invited bidders whose response is provided in complete accordance with the terms of the RFP / Bid Package.