Current Membership

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Academic Years 2018-2020

* denotes member of the Faculty Congress Executive Committee
# cannot be renewed in this role beyond the current academic year



  • Tom Way - Chair
  • James Peyton Jones - Vice Chair
  • Travis Foster - Secretary
  • Tianxia (Tina) Yang - Treasurer


The Academic Policy Committee (15 faculty members)

Arts-Humanities (2)

Stephen Napier

Marylu Hill


Arts-Social Sciences (2)

Rory Kramer

Stacey Havlik


Arts-Humanities or Social Sciences (2)

Sarah Vaughan Brakman

Eric Lomazoff


Science (3)

Michael Posner

Stephanie KatzLinkmeyer

Javad Siah

VSB (3)

Scott Dressler

Christopher Kilby


Tianxia (Tina) Yang

Engineering (2)

Jacky Huang

Ani Ural


Nursing (2)

Sherry Burrell

Elizabeth Petit de Mange


Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Committee (formerly Committee on Faculty; 14 faculty members)

Arts-Humanities (2)

Alice Dailey*

(FRRC Chairperson)

Mark Wilson*


Arts-Social Sciences (1)

Melissa Hodges



Science (2)

Samantha Chapman

Angela DiBenedetto


Engineering (2)

[open seat]

Calvin Li


Law School (1)

Michele Pistone



Nursing (2)Di

Peggy Lyons

Jennifer Ross


VSB (3)

Sohail Chaudhry

Aronte Bennett

Erasmus Kersting

Faculty Congress Vice Chair

James Peyton Jones*



Additional seats on the Faculty Congress

Full-time non-tenure-track faculty (2)

Tim Horner

J.P. Spiro


Adjunct faculty (2)

Tina Agustiady

Joseph Micucci*


Retired faculty (1)

Joe Betz



At-large faculty representatives (6)

Andrew Scott

Edward Wahesh

Jeremy Kees


Travis Foster*

Salvatore Poeta

Paul Steege