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Dr. Amin’s 800 Publications Pass 20,000 Citations with H-Index of 72

Moeness Amin, PhD

Moeness Amin, PhD, director of Villanova University's Center for Advanced Communications, reached an important milestone in his three decades of research and scholarship. His published work, which includes more than 250 journal papers and 550 conference papers, all while at Villanova, has exceeded 20,000 citations. According to Google Scholar Citations, Dr. Amin's H-index is 72.

The H- index is a metric commonly applied to measure the productivity and citation impact of a scientist's or scholar's publications. It is based on a set of the individual's most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications. A 72 H-index means that 72 of Dr. Amin’s published papers have each 72 citations or more.

Dr. Amin’s publications cover the areas of radar, sonar, satellite navigation, radio telescopes, wireless communications, RFID, and acoustics and ultrasound. Fifteen of these publications have received paper awards.

Dr. Amin says: “The publication journey was long and enduring and began in 1985 when I joined Villanova. I have been blessed with excellent students and postdocs who were enthusiastic, productive, and eager to learn.”