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Ms. Linda Wayman was a teacher and administrator in Philadelphia Schools for 30 years has created a non-profit to give students who go to school in low-income communities the resources to complete high school courses, to enable them to be academically and socially prepared for college.  CurrentlyTrending operates from the core belief that every child is born with unique gifts and the innate ability to succeed, and that too many children are not given the opportunity to identify and develop their unique gifts.


Service days and times   

  • Currently Trending “U”-Saturday School:  Dates will be given at the beginning of each semester.


Clearances     All volunteers will need triple clearance Follow direction for volunteers in this link.    

You must be prepared to turn in copies of clearance results


What will you do at Dobbins and School of the Future?

 You will work with students who are members of CurrentlyTrending in subject areas where they are struggling.


What will you do at Saturday School-CurrentlyTrending “U”?  1231 N. Broad Street Philadelphia

In the  Saturday program you will be tutoring, mentoring, and leading team building activities.  Middle School students will be tutored in subject they need assistance to be academically prepared to get into good High Schools.  Thorough the relationships they build with College mentors we hope that Currently Trending students will be gain confidence and self-esteem which will enable them to achieve their dreams                      


School of The Future: 4021 Parkside Ave, Philadelphia, Pa  19104 215-823-5502

Dobbins High School:  2150 W. Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia 19132  215-227-4421