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HUB of Hope

16th St. & JFK Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19102 Contact TC or Julia at Hub of Hope



Meal service:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5-7 per night



Broad Street Ministry (“BSM”) is a broad-minded Christian community that cherishes creativity, fosters and nurtures artistic expression, extends inclusive hospitality and—works for a more just world through civic engagement.  “Our approach to building community has several facets, but at its core it is still about serving nutritious meals to vulnerable people, while continually engaging with our guests to create opportunities for them to become more stable and more secure in terms of their basic needs for food and shelter.”


Meal service for adults experiencing homelessness.


Suburban Station Philadelphia—students will take the R5 Paoli Thorndale ride from Villanova to Suburban Station

·         Friday 2:14 arrives 2:47  leave 6:07 arrive VU 6:28

·         Saturday Leave VU train station at 1:47 to arrive at 2:21  Check return train

·         Sunday  1:47 R5 leaves VU train station at 1:46 arrives at 2:31



Orientation: August 26 at 3pm at Hub of Hope.    You will meet meal service coordinator TC or Julia in Suburban Station at 2:21 or 3:21 (to be confirmed).  They will walk you to Hub of Hope and you may have the opportunity to help with meal service the first night. 


Hub of Hope is a resource center for people experiencing homelessness in the Suburban Street Train Station.  It is a combined effort between the City of Philadelphia and Project Home.  Meal Service is organized by Broad Street Ministries until November 1st..    Hub of Hope provides people with a place to shower, get fresh clothing, and do their wash. They will have counselors to work with people’s recovery from homelessness, health clinic and job resources.  See website for description of services.


What do Volunteers do?  Share an evening with people who are experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. You will have an opportunity to build relationships with the guests as you plate and serve meals.   Volunteers will set up tables on Friday to serve 150 meals, plate and serve meals and clean up.  Tables and Chairs will be folded and put away on Sunday.