Why Give to Villanova?

why give to villanova

The time is now. Are you ready to do your part to secure Villanova’s future?

Making an investment in your University will ensure that Villanova continues to graduate young adults capable of igniting change wherever life takes them.

Gifts to Villanova:

  • Support University faculty and administrators who share a commitment to students’ potential for learning, growth, and development at Villanova and beyond.
  • Enhance student life activities that focus on engaging students in the life of the community and forging strong social connections among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provide financial assistance and offer opportunities for more students to experience a challenging and transformational education.

Investing in Villanova at this critical point in its history will guarantee that future generations of young people will know what it means to live, learn and grow at a university ever mindful of its commitment to building on the traditions it cherishes most – faith, learning, and community.