Available On Campus.

Villanova's Department of English offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English that is available to adult students in the College of Professional Studies. English majors take a range of courses, from English literature to contemporary writers, film, creative writing, and more. English courses are particularly well-suited to helping students become better readers, writers, and analytical thinkers; because of those skills, and because of the breadth of literature, English courses are valuable in all aspects of our lives.

Villanova English majors become successful lawyers, editors, novelists, investment bankers, professors, magazine writers, teachers, advertising and public relations professionals and more. As an English major, you learn to develop ideas in an organized and persuasive way, read attentively and write clearly—skills today’s employers and professional schools want and need.

One of three majors offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to adult students in the College of Professional Studies, pursuing an English major may require you to complete daytime courses to fulfill requirements.



View the English Major Curriculum within the Undergraduate Catalog.

This major will require attendance in daytime courses.

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