Villanova allows students to transfer up to 90 credits from other regionally accredited institutions.

Transferring credits to Villanova is easy. Simply provide the College of Professional Studies with official transcripts from the other institutions that you have attended and, if the course grade is a C or higher, Villanova will evaluate its transferability toward your Villanova degree.


Please note the following:

  • Preliminary credit evaluations are available upon request.
  • Use our transcript request form to notify an institution that you need an official transcript to be sent to Villanova.
  • See our Transfer Credit Policy for more information on which credits will transfer to CPS, as well as our procedure and guidelines.


Villanova's affordable bachelor's degree programs have admissions and transfer agreements with several regionally accredited community colleges in the Philadelphia region.

These agreements offer you the opportunity to complete an associate's degree while preparing yourself for the completion of a bachelor's degree. These transfer agreements include other advantages:

  • Merit Tuition Rate reduction for qualified community college graduates
    • 20% Merit Tuition Reduction for those students graduating with a 3.0-3.49 G.P.A.
    • 25% Merit Tuition Reduction for those students graduating with a 3.5-4.0 G.P.A.
  • Entrance to Villanova University College of Professional Studies (CPS) with Junior standing
  • Opportunities to meet with a Villanova CPS program representative on a regular basis for advising and assistance with transferring
  • A limited amount of Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are available for students in accordance with a transfer agreement
  • $50 application fee waiver

To request the Community College Merit Tuition Reduction, please fill out this request form

Under the Guaranteed Admission and Agreement, you will be granted admission into the BA, BS, or BIS degree program at Villanova CPS on the condition that you:

  • Graduate from one of our partner community colleges with an Associate degree with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Graduates will be granted admission under the terms of the Transfer Agreement with the understanding they may need to complete some additional courses based on curriculum.
  • Complete a Guaranteed Admission Intent Form and submit to your college's counseling center before graduation
  • Do not attend another institution of higher-education between the time you graduate from the partner Community College and enroll at Villanova University in the BA, BS, or BIS degree program
  • Satisfy all other Villanova University CPS transfer requirements

College of Professional Studies will also evaluate Community College transcripts on request for preliminary credit evaluation.

New transfer students are eligible to apply for a number of renewable scholarships through Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society of the Two-Year College. Apply by April 15. 


The combined Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) to Master's Degree (MS or MPA) programs offer exceptional College of Professional Studies (CPS) students the opportunity to continue their education in one of five Villanova graduate programs, creating an accelerated pathway to your master's degree.