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Villanova Textbook Access Program

The new Villanova Textbook Access Program is a pilot program aimed at providing Villanova students affordable access to required course materials.

Beginning with the Summer 2024 semester, students will pay a standard, per semester “book fee” for required textbook materials for courses, including textbook digital access codes. This approach allows Follett, our University bookstore partner, to purchase in bulk and better negotiate with its publishing partners.

We estimate that this program will collectively save Villanova’s students approximately $1 million annually.

The Villanova Textbook Access Program is being implemented following a thorough review by the Academic Policy Committee, SGA and Graduate Student Senate representatives, the Council of Deans and Executive Council.

Program Details

The book fee will be charged directly to students' accounts and will be repriced annually to help maximize savings. At this time, the Widger School of Law is not participating in this program. Fees for the 2024-25 academic year will be:

  • Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more credits—Summer, Fall and Spring fee: $275
  • Undergraduate students enrolled in less than 11 credits—Summer, Fall and Spring fee: $70
  • Graduate Students enrolled in 6 or more credits (excluding Law)—Summer, Fall and Spring fee: $100
  • Graduate Students enrolled in less than 6 credits (excluding Law)—Summer, Fall and Spring fee: $55

Students will have the opportunity to opt-out of the program each semester. Details on how to opt-out will be sent to enrolled students at their Villanova email address prior to the start of each semester. 

The Summer Business Institute, Executive MBA, internship and study abroad courses are not included in the program.

Accessing Course Materials

Prior to the start of each term, the University Shop will prepare your course materials for you. Depending on your classes and the course materials required by faculty, you may receive a combination of digital course materials, printed textbooks, printed lab manual or workbooks.

All materials will be available on or before the first day of class. Digital materials will be available in Blackboard; physical materials will be available for pick-up in the University Shop. Full details on how to access your digital and/or physical course materials for the term will be sent to your Villanova email. 

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