Welcome to the Villanova University Office of Financial Assistance Dropbox.

You can use this feature to upload requested Villanova forms/documents to the Office of Financial Assistance. In an effort to ensure your financial aid documents are added to your financial aid file in a timely manner, we recommend that you submit any Villanova-specific forms via the Dropbox. We strongly encourage families to submit any federal tax documents via IDOC.  

Graduate, Online, College of Professional Studies, and BSN Express students are welcome to submit all required documentation via the Dropbox.

This process works best with Chrome, Firefox or Edge. The Dropbox will only accept documents in PDF, JPG or TIF format.

Remember to include your Villanova Student ID on the documents you are uploading and have your ID ready to begin the upload process.

After you have finished uploading all documents, please close your browser. 


Use the Dropbox Now


Complete the following forms only if requested by the Office of Financial Assistance.

You can determine what documents are requested by viewing your Applicant Status Page (prospective students) or your MyNova account (current students and students who are offered admission and deposit) as well as incomplete emails that our office has sent to the student.

Please submit documents via the dropbox as we are currently unable to process any documents sent via fax or postal mail. Please note you must continue to use IDOC to submit Federal Tax Documents. 


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Have My Documents Been Received?

You can confirm receipt of your documents on the student’s Applicant Status Page (pre-deposit) or MyNova account (post-deposit) within 10 business days after submission.

Communications from the Office of Financial Assistance

The Office of Financial Assistance sends all correspondence directly to the student using the email provided on the student's admission application.  Once a student is enrolled, or has paid their deposit, emails will be sent to the student's Villanova email address.  PARENTS, PLEASE NOTE: The Office of Financial Assistance sends all correspondence to the student.  The student is responsible for sharing the information with their parents.