Direct Data Exchange

The U.S. Department of Education in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) introduced the Direct Data Exchange (formerly known as IRS Data Retrieval Tool), a feature that allows students and parents to import their previous year’s tax information from their filed federal 1040 tax forms directly into the FAFSA on the Web. The Direct Data Exchange may be used when filing the initial FAFSA, or when renewing the FAFSA each academic year.

In order to access the tool, FAFSA site users must have a valid social security number and must first file their federal tax returns with the IRS.  

Those who are exempt from and unable to use the Direct Data Exchange include students and parents who filed separate federal income tax returns for the previous tax year, students and parents whose marital status changed prior to the end of the applicable tax year, and filers of foreign and Puerto Rican tax returns.

If you are not able to use the Direct Data Exchange to commit the information, you will need to submit a U.S. Tax Return Transcript to the Villanova University Office of Financial Assistance. Students and parents may request an official copy of their Federal Income Tax Transcript from the IRS. Your parent(s) should sign the Tax Return Transcript and upload it to the Villanova University Office of Financial Assistance Dropbox.  For more complete instructions consult the Office of Financial Assistance website.