Verification is a requirement of the US Department of Education and is the process of confirming information submitted for consideration of the various Federal Title IV Funds including the Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, and Federal Direct Loans. Applicants should be aware that this federal regulation requires them to submit tax data and other requested information to the Office of Financial Assistance before the processing of student loan applications and/or the awarding of funds.  Students must submit the required information to complete the verification process no later than 45 days before the last day of the student’s enrollment.

Items to be verified include: adjusted gross income; US income taxes paid; number of family members for whom parents provide more than half of their support; the number of children in post secondary schools who are enrolled at least half time; dependency status; untaxed income; eligible non‑citizen status and any other item for which conflicting information has been submitted to the Office of Financial Assistance. 

Documents and Required Data

  • (For dependent students): signed copies of custodial parents’, stepparent’s (if applicable) and student’s US or Puerto Rico income tax returns from the prior year, W-2 form(s) and 1099 form(s).
  • Transfer of financial data from the Direct Data Exchange (IRS Data Retrieval Tool for the 2324 academic year) or submission of US Tax Return Transcript
  • (For independent students): signed copy of the student’s (and spouse’s if applicable) prior year US or Puerto Rico income tax return and W-2 forms.
  • If the student or custodial parent or stepparent (if applicable) did not file taxes a signed non‑tax filer statement and copies of all W‑2 forms or proof of earnings must be submitted.  Non‑taxable income verification such as VA Benefits, Social Security Benefits for all household members and Public Assistance Letters must be submitted to the Office of Financial Assistance.
  • If the student or custodial parent or stepparent (if applicable) filed a Foreign (Non-US) Tax Returns, must submit a copy with the information translated into English and the amounts converted to US Dollars using the exchange rate of the date the FAFSA was filed.