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Villanova’s new Center for the Performing Arts is a hub for performances, creativity, engagement, and exploration for the University’s performing arts community - enriching Villanova’s campus and enhancing educational opportunities across the University.










JAN 25, 2023

Topper Theater

Evening of Song with the Curtis Institute

Wonderfully trained musicians share an evening of song..









FEB 2, 2023

Smith Studio Lab Theater

Theseus’ Ship

Presented by Villanova Graduate Students

is a thought experiment about whether an object that has had all of its original components replaced remains the same object. According to legend, Theseus, the mythical Greek founder-king of Athens, had rescued the children of Athens from King Minos after slaying the minotaur and then escaped on a ship to Delos. Every year, the Athenians commemorated this legend by taking the ship on a pilgrimage to Delos to honor Apollo. The question was raised by ancient philosophers: After several centuries of maintenance, if every part of the Ship of Theseus had been replaced, one at a time, was it still the same ship?

In contemporary philosophy, this thought experiment has applications to the philosophical study of identity over time, and has inspired a variety of proposed solutions in contemporary philosophy of mind concerned with the persistence of personal identity.









FEB 9, 2023

Topper Theater


In 1963, at the height of the civil rights movement, the Loyola Ramblers of Chicago broke racial barriers and changed college basketball forever.   

Now, nearly 60 years later, this legendary team is reexamined by Loyola basketball player and co-captain, Lucas Williamson. Woven together with archival footage and modern-day interviews, this captivating story continues to provide inspiration in the fight for equality.



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