Dedicating your legal career to the service of others can be extremely rewarding. 


Fighting for an important cause and empowering those who are marginalized is a high calling, and it can look very different depending on which area of public interest you pursue.

Careers in Public Interest cover a broad range of service. Some public interest attorneys advance public causes, such as environmental protection or criminal justice reform, while others provide vital access to justice through representation of individuals who otherwise cannot afford a lawyer. Public interest lawyering crosses a wide terrain of non-profit and government civil and criminal legal practice, including health law, family law, consumer protection, housing, employment law and criminal defense, among many others. Attorneys practicing in the field litigate or provide transactional-based representation to individuals or community groups; engage in research to support policy reform; or participate in legislative advocacy.

Through Villanova Law’s Public Interest curriculum, clinics, externships and professional development opportunities, we will help you pursue your goal of becoming a public interest lawyer, no matter which specific area you choose. Also, our Office of Career Strategy and Advancement will partner with you to help you identify and achieve your individual career goals. An experienced attorney-adviser will help guide you with career planning education and recruitment programs, as well as individual counseling, serving as the foundation for your professional development.

Where Our Alums Work

Below is a sampling of the various Public Interest organizations where some of our alumni work:

  • ACLU Pennsylvania
  • Colorado State Public Defender
  • Defender Association of Philadelphia
  • Friends of Farmworkers
  • Homeless Advocacy Project
  • Independence Foundation
  • Institutional Law Center
  • Just Neighbors
  • The Legal Aid Society (New York City)
  • New Hampshire Public Defender
  • Pennsylvania Health Law Project
  • Philadelphia Legal Assistance
  • Safe Horizon
  • Senior Law Center
  • Support Center for Child Advocates
  • Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid