At Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, we are focused on preparing our students for success in an increasingly competitive legal market.


Here, students broaden their knowledge through our innovative learning modulesseven in-house clinics and 275+ externships, and gain invaluable career preparation through our mandatory Professional Development program.

At Villanova Law, students will find a community that is respectful, supportive and open-minded. We focus not only on preparing them with the academic, professional and practical skills coveted by employers, but also on training them to be the ethical lawyers, advocates and leaders of tomorrow. 


Jason Kaner

“I chose the JD/MBA Program because it allows me to approach problems differently and it opens up doors. It’s a difference maker when employers have to choose between candidates.”

-Jason Kaner '19 JD/MBA

Gabrielle Weiss

"The Clinic environment encouraged self-reflection, allowing for identification of strengths and areas for improvement. The invaluable one-on-one client interaction taught me how to balance several clients and to prioritize their individual needs. Having the experience of presenting before a tribunal bolstered my confidence to persuasively discuss a case and argue for the best outcome.”

-Gabrielle Weiss '18

Khalil Wilkes

“Without Villanova Law, I would not have made the contacts I needed to land a position at the NCAA, and I wouldn’t have the necessary skills and education to be an effective and valuable staff member. For these reasons, I will always be appreciative of my Villanova Law experience.”  

-Khalil Wilkes '19






With local, state and federal judges in the 2017-18 academic year.