Professor Ann Juliano stands at a podium addressing a class of JD students.


Whether a partner at a global law firm or a managing attorney at a human rights organization, today's lawyers practice more than just law.

Villanova's Juris Doctor provides students with a broad-based legal education grounded in academic rigor, practical hands-on training and a foundation in vital business concepts needed to succeed no matter the field.

Guided by our Where Law Meets Business philosophy, we reimagined our legal education to provide students with the academic, professional and practical skills coveted by employers, priming them for diverse and rewarding legal careers.


In their first year of study, students are grounded in the study of the law with six doctrinal courses and one elective course. Students can tailor their courses to meet their particular area of interest in their second and third years of study.

Students can further customize their education through a dual degree, concentration or by taking courses in 15 varied focus areas of study. Dual degrees and concentrations can be completed within three years of study alongside the JD.

Infused within every student’s education is fundamental business coursework. Whether graduates work for public interest organizations, governments or Fortune 500 companies, they are equipped with the financial management skills to help them successfully lead their organizations from Day One.


Students gain hands-on experience tailored to their career interests through Villanova’s robust externship program and six in-house clinics. Externship placements include those in private industry, government, law and nonprofit organizations.

Throughout their time at Villanova, students receive individualized attention and mentorship, helping them to better understand their paths both during and after law school. Additionally, students engage in career exploration in our three-year, credit-bearing Professional Development course.


Legal writing is rated by employers as the most important skill in new hires. To give students a strong foundation in this highly valued skill, students are immersed in our five-semester legal writing course where they learn to write everything from a client-advising email to a legal brief.


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