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Project Goals

The primary goals of Villanova's ADVANCE grant are as follows:

  1. Use the principles of organizational change management theory to prepare Villanova's leadership to manage the transition in institutional identity in an inclusive and equitable manner.
  2. Employ workshops on individual change management theory to assist faculty members as they navigate a shifting landscape of expectations.
  3. Implement interventions aimed at removing barriers to the success of female STEM faculty in the realms of hiring, assessment, and promotion, as well as in the broader University climate for diversity.
  4. Execute a unique research project that parallels the change management focus and studies the effects of different training techniques on the management of stress and reduction of unconscious bias during institutional transformation.
  5. Develop a model for other institutions undergoing major change.

Achievement of these five goals is anticipated to have a positive impact on:

  • the scholarly productivity of the female STEM faculty;
  • the rate at which existing female STEM faculty are promoted to Full Professor;
  • the rate at which Villanova hires women, particularly minoritized women, in the STEM fields; and
  • the diversity in key leadership roles.