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The Continuing Education in Nursing and Health Care Program has developed creative, targeted and highly successful certificate programs for clinicians, researchers, educators, managers and executives.  

RN Refresher Certificate - April - May 2016

Thinking about returning to the workforce? Have you kept your license active but haven’t practiced in over a year? Villanova has developed a 4-part program to ease your reentry into nursing. Complete the Medical/Surgical Update and Review Course, a didactic review of body systems, pharmacology and practice issues. Refresh your knowledge of medications and metabolic pathways in the Basic Pharmacology Review and Update Course. Then continue on with Physical Assessment of the Geriatric Patient, which will review basic assessment techniques including components that relate specifically to geriatric populations. Complete the certificate with the Skills Update Workshop in our state of the art Simulation Lab where you will have hands on experience with the latest in skills review such as foley catheter insertion, chest tubes, central line dressings, PEG tubes and various pumps.

Upon completion of these four courses you will receive a RN Refresher Certificate - enough contact hours to meet your mandatory PA re-licensure continuing education requirements for a 2 year period.… more


My View

"I have been so impressed with the RN Refresher Continuing Education courses. You have done a super job keeping the course costs reasonable and accessible, and the course content relevant and pertinent. Further, you have created a professional, sharing, learning environment. The Guidance and assistance you provide in pursuit of nursing opportunities, experience, and education has been exceptional.

A very needed and well executed program."

Sarah Lodge, Lafayette Hill, PA