Global Health

Global Health

For Villanova Nurses, global health integrates many things, many people and many places as they ignite change for a healthier world. Find out more about our endeavors and education opportunties.


Global study opportunities

Choose a global health minor from our Center for Global and Public Health. You may also choose to travel and enhance your learning and gain a global perspective! Qualified, traditional BSN students may apply to travel such places as those listed below as part of their coursework:

Chulucanas, Peru Waslala, Nicaragua  
Dominican Republic Durban, South Africa  
Aomori, Japan Galway, Ireland  
El Paso, Texas    

Sophomore year may be spent studying abroad at Great Britain's University of Manchester. Traditional BSN students may also do summer study abroad through the Office of International Studies.

Second degree, accelerated BSN students have the opportunity for a pediatric practicum with the Blackfeet Nation in Montana.

Learn more on our International and Multicultural Study Opportunities webpage.


International students

Welcome international students! The College of Nursing benefits from your global perspective. For many years we have attracted students from South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We have a longstanding relationship with the Sultanate of Oman and also have a Saudi Arabian Nursing Project.

Read more information for international students.



Center for Global and Public Health

Launched in 2010, the Center extends the College’s engagement in global health studies and research that address the health-related factors important to the quality of life in various regions of the world and among various populations in our own country. Students may choose a global health minor.


Returning Peace Corps Volunteers

If you're a returning Peace Corps volunteer, the College of Nursing is a site for the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program. If you are ready to earn a second degree BSN or if you are a nurse and ready to earn your MSN, learn more.



College of Nursing faculty conduct research studies in the U.S. and also abroad.They often partner with students and present their scholarly work at professional conferences.

For instance, there is an ongoing, interdisciplinary telehealth project in Waslala, Nicaragua and a hypertension study for those most vulnerable in the Dominican Republic.