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Week of 4 April 2016

Events This Week

Cap and Gown Pick Up

Room 221 

• Monday, May 9 and Tuesday, May 10: 10am-noon

• Wednesday, May 11: 10am-noon and 2-4pm

• Thursday, May 12: 10am-noon

Detailed information about 3L cap and gown pick-up requirements was sent to all graduating students from the Career Strategy office. Students must complete all exit requirements prior to caps and gown pick-up.


Coming Events

Law School Commencement

Friday, May 13

Members of the Class of 2016 are encouraged to read through the Commencement information on the website at and share the details with your friends and family interested in the day’s activities. The Commencement website contains helpful information, including newly updated Graduate Instructions, campus shuttle map, cap and gown distribution dates, special needs information, and a link to order announcements. If you have additional questions about the ceremony, please contact Nicole Garafano or Nancy Whalen. 


Graduate Tax Program Inaugural Tax Policy Symposium

Thursday, June 2, 9am-1pm

Villanova University Graduate Tax Program’s inaugural Tax Policy Symposium—Fundamental Tax Reform and Tax Policy Issues in Election Year 2016—will bring together a cross section of business leaders to discuss the economic and societal issues surrounding the need for fundamental Tax Reform. For more information visit



Summer and Post-Graduation Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance, and Westlaw

Questions about post-graduation and summer access to these databases may be sent to Regina Kozul, or Mary Cornelius,

Graduating 3Ls:

Bloomberg LawYour access to Bloomberg Law will continue for six months after graduation. During that time you may use Bloomberg for research related to bar preparation, interview preparation, private study or employment. You do not need to register for this extended access.

Lexis AdvanceYour access to Lexis Advance will stop after graduation unless you register for the Graduate ID Program: The Graduate ID Program will allow you to use particular parts of Lexis Advance through the end of the calendar year. These parts are related to careers and job search. Graduating students who will be employed by nonprofit organizations can also apply for the Lexis ASPIRE ID Program. Details on the ASPIRE program should be announced by Lexis later this month. Note also that graduating students have until June 30, 2016 to redeem their Lexis points.

WestlawYour access to Westlaw will be severely limited after graduation unless you take their survey for Graduate Elite access. The Graduate Elite program provides up to 60 hours of searching per month until November 2016. Logon to your Westlaw account and click on the Graduate link for details on eligibility.

Current 1Ls and 2Ls – Summer Access:

Bloomberg LawYour access to Bloomberg Law will not change. You may use either system for research related to any school work, private study or employment during the summer.

Lexis AdvanceYour access to Lexis Advance will not change. Lexis permits research related to any school work, private study or employment during the summer. Note that some employer policies require the use of firm accounts.

WestlawYour access to Westlaw will be limited to a set number of hours for academic use per month during June and July unless you register for summer access before the end of May. You may register for summer access if needed for academic purposes, such as:

  • work on Moot Court or a law review or journal
  • an unpaid externship for which you receive law school credit
  • or work as a faculty research assistant.

        To register for summer access, logon to your Westlaw account and look for Summer Westlaw Use information. Click the Extend your password link.


Hours for Legal Grounds and the Cafeteria

Legal Grounds:

Summer                                    8am-4pm


May 19 - July 15                         7:30am-2:30pm


Items for the first Gavel Gazette of the Fall 2016 semester must be submitted to Gavel Gazette by 10 am on Friday, August 19.

Class Changes

Make Up:

Con Law II - Samahon: 4/26, 10am - 12pm, Room 202

Corporate Contests - Clauss: 4/26, 1-3pm, Room 307