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Student Committee

Student Sustainability Committee

The University established the Villanova Sustainable Leadership Council to develop and execute the campus sustainability plan. In an effort to address all elements of sustainability need across campus, the Sustainable Leadership Council created four committees, one of which is focused on making student life more sustainable. The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) is an arm of the Villanova Sustainable Leadership Council, giving its members campus wide impact.  

Students on SSC work to make every students experience at Villanova more sustainable. Members of the SSC have the opportunity to lead projects, create new initiatives, and partner with faculty and staff across the University. Students are expected to both lead and work collaboratively in small groups on various projects and events. SSC gives students the opportunity to make positive and long lasting changes to sustainability concerns on campus.



Committee Members

Patrick Carney, Co-Chair, Sophomore

Julia Ugras, Co-Chair, Senior

Kelly Ruane, Communications Chair, Junior

Bailey QuinnCommunications Chair, Sophomore

Gillen CurrenSecretary, Senior

Katie Deal, Secretary, Junior

Hannah Brigham, Graduate Student

Victoria Adams, Graduate Student

Amelia Robinson, Senior

Bridget Dalton, Senior

Emma Tucker, Senior

Hannah Darensbourg, Senior

Jameson Parker, Senior

Layla Defino, Senior

Mai Khuc, Senior

Nishika Goel, Senior

Olivia Brown, Senior

Olivia Pfeiffer, Senior

Thinh Nguyen, Senior

Aja Eiden, Junior

Bella Yedman, Junior

Bridget MacDonald, Junior

Eric Devlin, Junior

Erik Walther, Junior

Kat Burke, Junior

Marie Mullen, Junior

Megan Fitzpatrick, Junior

Nate Roman, Junior

Shannon Cavanaugh, Junior

Michelle Moczulski, Sophomore

Olivia Hoeing, Sophomore

Shea Murphy, Sophomore

Sustainability Plan Outline

Villanova University, as a community of learned and learning scholars, respecting the sacredness of all creation, accepts its responsibility to the integrity of Earth and its biodiversity, to the heritage of future generations, and to the security of nations. By utilizing the Augustinian values of Unitas, Veritas, and Caritas, meaning love thy neighbor, promote community unity, and live life in moderation through our curriculum, work environment, and operations, Villanova’s approach to sustainability exemplifies an emphasis on social justice and community service.

For questions regarding campus sustainability email