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Student Mail

Mail Services is receiving a larger than normal volume of packages which may delay availability by one day. Please wait for the email notification before coming in to pick up. We apologize for this delay and expect that within a few days we will resume normal operations and have packages ready on the day they arrive. 

Questions can be sent to

Thank you


Student Mail- There are three mail centers on campus that serve students.

Resident students are assigned a VU box number and depending on where you live determines the proper address to use. Proper addressing is imperative to assure efficient processing of packages and mail. Upon delivery to campus, Mail Services will scan and process all mail and packages then notify students via email that the package is available to pick up. Do not come to the mail center unless you have received an email from

We recommend using UPS or FedEx to ship items to campus.

You must bring your Wildcard to pick up packages.

1)      Kennedy Hall Mail Center- Serves Main Campus Resident Students. The address is:

First Name, Last Name

VU Box Number XXXX

800 East Lancaster Ave

Villanova PA 19085


2)     St Mary Hall Mail Center - Serves West Campus and St Mary Resident Students. The address to use is:

First Name, Last Name

VU Box Number XXXX

250 N Spring Mill road

Villanova PA 19085


3)     Chapter Hall Mail Center - Serves South Campus and The Commons. The address to use is:

First Name, Last Name


862 E Lancaster ave

Villanova Pa 19085


Perishable items- Email notification will be sent, although we have minimal refrigeration so please pick up as soon as notified.

Local food delivery, Amazon Fresh, Instacart, DoorDash, Uber Eats etc should contact the recipient via cell to meet outside of the dorm.


Student package and mail policy

Students are required to use the proper VU Box and Street address per their housing assignment and mail center location.

Packages and mail that are unclaimed beyond 30 days will be returned to sender.

Claims for missing/damaged packages must be submitted to within 30 days of receipt.  

Kennedy Hall Mail Center 

(610) 519-4492


St Mary's Hall Mail Center

(610) 519-5806


Chapter Hall Mail Center

(610) 519-5644