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The purpose of the Mail Services Department at Villanova is to provide all faculty, staff and students with a reliable facility to handle all of their mailing needs and to support the University in its endeavors by providing knowledgeable and cost effective mailing and shipping solutions.



In an effort to reduce cost and improve package delivery services, Villanova Mail Services is testing a new package delivery application that requires recipients to swipe their Wildcard in lieu of a signature. Faculty and staff can be assured that no personal information is collected or compromised when the card is swiped in this process.

All accountable campus deliveries will require a Wildcard scan upon delivery.

Thank you for your help in this important initiative.


Sending Mail and Packages to Campus

Mail Services is not responsible for packages that are not addressed in accordance with the addressing standards below


  •     Name
  •     Dept, Building, Room #
  •     800 East Lancaster Ave
  •     Villanova, PA 19085

STUDENTS - Students will receive an email notification when a package is ready for pick up. A Wildcard or driver’s license is needed for pick up.


Kennedy Hall
(box #'s under 5000):


St. Mary's Hall
(box #'s 5000 & up):

Student Name
VU Box XXXX - Kennedy Hall
800 Lancaster Ave
Villanova, PA 19085-1679

Student Name
VU Box XXXX - St. Mary's Hall
250 Spring Mill Road
Villanova, PA 19085

Perishable shipments such as flowers or fruit should include the student’s cell phone number. We will contact the student upon arrival of all perishable packages that are clearly marked.


Mail box rentals are available to registered students who live off campus for an annual fee of $50.00

CAMPUS MAIL Request slips must be used by departments with any official University business mail that will have postage applied.

To order Outgoing Mail Request slips please call Mail Services @ ext 94492.


Student referral forms - Please contact Financial Assistance.


Complete details of the new rates can be found on the Postal Service website:

 US Postal Service Rates

Mail Services

Kennedy Hall -Lower Level 

Kennedy Student Package Pick Up 

Mon - Fri  8:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday  10am - 2pm

Closed on Saturday during the Summer

Hours may vary during school breaks


Customer Service 
Mon - Fri  8:30am - 4:00pm

St. Mary's Hall 

St Mary's Student Package Pick Up 

Mon - Fri  9am - 4:00pm
Saturday  10am - 2pm

Closed on Saturday during the Summer

Hours may vary during school breaks


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