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Advent Reflections Exhibit

November 29 - January 5, 2008-9

Advent Reflections

Corr Icon 4

An Advent exhibit of religious icons signifying God's angels, installed in Corr Hall Chapel on the Villanova campus.  The presentation of these traditional works on wood panels is intended to surround worshippers with images of holiness and to bring attention to the presence and action of angels in our lives.  This exhibit was made possible by the artisans of the Philadelphia branch of the Prosopan School of Iconology.

Founded in the 1980's by master iconographer and Russian émigré Vladislav Andrejev, the Proposon School has introduced the spirituality and discipline of making traditional icons to thousands of students.  The process using egg tempera and gold leaf on wood panels is taught alongside the symbolic and theological meaning.

The icons exhibited represented images of angels, creatures of God.  They are pure energy and light.  They are messengers bringing God’s image and energy to the world.  At the darkest time of year, as we await the coming of our Lord, they bring light; flashes of insight and hope.


Contributing Iconographers:

Mary Ellen Bilisnansky

Madonna Bumbarger

Richard G, Cannuli, O.S.A.

Mary Crocco

Carole Fowler

Mary Hansbury

Andrew Hessman

Lynette Hull

Dolores Kent

Peg Krengel

Maggie Lieby

Sue Stefanski

Susan vonMedicus

Lorraine Williams

Corr Christ 2
Corr Angels 7
Corr Angel 1