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Table of Contents: Fall 2019, VOLUME 43,1


Article One

Israeli-Egyptian relations: Obstacles to Meaningful Rapprochement

Jacob Abadi


Article Two

U.S. Policy and Israeli-Palestinian Relations

Husam Mohamad 


 Article three

Are Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu `Two Sides of the Same Coin`?

Michael B. Bishku


Article Four

Challenges to the Free Access to the Holy Sites

Bernard Sabella                                                                            


Book Reviews
Nadia H. Barsoum

Jacob Abadi is a professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic history at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Professor Abadi obtained his Ph.D degrees from New York University. In addition to numerous articles and book reviews which he had written on contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamic affairs. Abadi published the books Britain’s Withdrawal from the Middle East: The Economic and Strategic Imperatives, 1947-1971; Israel’s Leadership: From Utopia to Crisis; Israel’s Quest for Acceptance and Recognition in Asia: Garrison State Diplomacy and Tunisia Since the Arab Conquest: The Saga of a Westernized Muslim State. 

Husam Mohamad is  a professor of Political Science at the University of Central Oklahoma. He previously taught at several universities in the U.S., Cyprus, Qatar and the UAE. Husam was the recipient of the Fulbright Scholar Award in 2008, and Brandeis University Fellowship in 2009. He has published several journal articles in Nationalism & Ethnic Politics, Third World Quarterly and book chapters. short communications addressing Middle East politics, Israeli-Palestinian relations, U.S. policy toward the Arab and Muslim world, democratization in Arab politics, and Islamist movements across the Arab region.

Michael B. Bishku  is a Professor of History at Augusta University in Georgia.  He is a former President of both the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies and the Association of Third World Studies and an advisory editor for Oxford Bibliographies Online for Islamic Studies.  He has published numerous academic articles on the history and politics of the Islamic World and on connections between the Middle East and other regions of the world.  

Bernard Sabella  is an elected Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council representing Jerusalem and Executive Secretary, Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees. He received his BA from Franklin and Marshall College, and his MA and PhD degrees in sociology from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, He is a former professor of sociology at Bethlehem University.  From 2011-2018, he was chairperson of the Palestinian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.



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