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Table of Contents: Spring 2019, VOLUME 42,3


 Article One:

  Mary the Bridge Builder: Re-thinking Patriarchal Portrayals of Mary in Islam and Christianity

Kathleen Mroz


  Article Two

  Muslim Women on the Internet: Social Media as Sites of Identity Formation

  Dorothy Goehring    


Article three

     Gender Equality and Empowerment in Iran: A Comparison between        Ahmadinejad’s and Rouhani’s Governments  

Jalil Roshandel                                                                                                            Fatemeh Sadeghi
Shima Tadrisi


Article Four:

The Ring of the Dove: Race, Sex, and Slavery in al-Andalus and the Poetry of Ibn Hazm       

Kevin Fox                                                                                



Book Reviews
Nadia H. Barsoum

Kate Mroz earned her PhD from Boston College in Systematic Theology and Comparative Theology

Dorie Goehring, received her M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School in Islamic Studies in 2016.  She holds a B.A. in Theology and Anthropology from Fordham University. A former NAIN Young Adult Scholar and Science, Religion, and Culture Junior Fellow, her scholarship focuses on the intersection of religion, identity, education, politics and public policy, and pop culture.

Jalil Roshandel, PhD - Professor Emeritus, Political Science – East Carolina University.

Fatemeh Sadeghi, PhD - O'Brien Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Law, McGill University (Former Assistant Professor of Political Thought and Gender Studies, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Azad Islamic University, Karaj-Iran).

Shimaa Tadrisi, MA in Social Studies, and women’s movement activist, Tehran - Iran.

Kevin Fox,Kevin Fox earned his Master degree from  the History Department ,Villanova University, with a concentration in State and Society. He primarily studies Latin America in the Cold War, the African diaspora in Latin America, the global African diaspora and comparative slaveries.

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